The world medical and health games are a gathering for healths professionals that allow them to compete in various sports in a congenial and fun atmosphere. Whatever your level or age, come and share with your colleagues your passion for sport !

     • More than 30 editions, 
     • An 8 day event in an exceptional setting, 
     • Over 2000 participants coming each year from 40 countries, 
     • 24 sports in an Olympic spirit, 
     • 5 age categories, 
     • An international sports competition with a professional organization, 
     • An International Sports Medicine Symposium, 
     • A nations parade, followed by a spectacular opening ceremony, 
     • An amazing closing ceremony lasting all night long, 
     • Great entertainment every day, 
     • and much much more... 

Open to all members of the medical and health professions, the Medigames are a unique opportunity for everyone to practice their favorite sport(s), whatever their performances.

Whether you are a general practitioner a specialist, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist, veterinarian, nurse, surgeon or from any other health profession, the Medigames are for you!

The diverse competitions take place by age category. Fair play and a friendly spirit are the key words of the Medigames!

More than just a friendly event, the Medigames are made for each participant to come with his friends and family. Our packages fit all of your wishes!