Symposium 2018

Symposium 2018


The International Sports Medicine Symposium is organized by the « Groupement latin et méditerranéen de médecine du sport », open to all participants, is chaired by Dr. André Monroche and co-chaired by Ms. Liliane Laplaine-Monthéard, founder of the WMHG.

The vice-chair is Professor Xavier Bigard, president of the French Society of Sports Medicine.

The Symposium is supported by:

  • The International Federation of Sports Medicine
  • The Society of Exercise Medicine and Sport
  • Latin and Mediterranean Sports Medicine Grouping
  • Association of Italian Doctors, Club Medici
  • Greater Algiers Sports Medical Association
  • Association Médecins Francophones du Canada



All sessions will be offered in English and French.

They will be presented on two mornings, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th June: the first will be devoted to free scientific communications and the second will be devoted to the symposium

A «poster» area will be available for all participants who wish to communicate the results of their research.



The themes selected this year are:


Lower limb pathologies in sport


a. Exercise of sports medicine in France and in the world

b. Sport in hot countries

c. Doping prevention




Date of submission: May 15, 2018 (deadline)

Presentation: Title – Author (s) – Email – Postal Address – 3 keywords – Abstract (200 words)

Please send to


  • ERKA
  • MPE
  • SportMalta
  • Covention Malta
  • Air Malta
  • MTA
  • Medecin franco
  • ACMF
  • Club Medici
  • McDo