Malta, a natural choice for the games

Malta, a natural choice for the games

Malta is above all a formidable sports island: from golf to athletics to football or tennis, the Maltese sports facilities will leave you speechless.

Moreover, its Mediterranean climate, the quality of its hotels and its tourism make it the ideal place for the organisation of the World Medical and Health Games and welcoming its many sports competitions.

The World Medicine and Health Games, an annual event that is unavoidable and a real discovery, will bring together, as it does every year, athletes from all over the world to share their common passions for competition, sport and medicine around an
international symposium organised just for them.
After a 38 th particularly successful Marseille edition and the world medical population certain interest in this event, we are already waiting for you to defend your country colours.


It is impossible not to be seduced by this small archipelago between the West and the East.

Located off the coast of Sicily and Tunisia, the islands of Malta are also the crossroads of the Mediterranean sea routes: Latin to the north, Arab to the south, all in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Throughout the course of its history, the Maltese archipelago has crossed paths with of all Mediterranean civilisations, and all have left their mark: a well-anchored European culture, old Latin habits and the patience of the Orientals are perfectly combined with Anglo-Saxon rigour whose 150 years of rule of the British Empire left a definite mark.

Following Malta’s accession to the European Union in May 2004, the isle of Malta has managed to find a place in the concert of nations and attracts students and tourists from all over the world who come to admire Valletta or Mdina, a fascinating and well-preserved artistic city, where all the monuments preserve this chivalrous mark.

What are the origins of the Maltese Falcon? Who has never dreamed of following in the footsteps of the Knights of the Order of Malta or the mysterious Corto Maltese?

All these elements of history are to be discovered in addition to an exceptional landscape mixing sand and pebble beaches, wild creeks and bucolic hills ideal for hiking enthusiasts.


Saint Paul’s Bay is above all a delightful bay for travellers from all over the world, it is also rich in history: it takes its name from the Roman era. The proselyte St. Paul, who was to be tried in Rome, fled to this cove on the island of Malta, later becoming the island’s first spiritual leader.

In addition to the very nice and touristy beach, the city of St. Paul promises you some exciting opportunities such as the Old Port, St. Paul’s Church or the Wignacourt Tower.

We are counting on you to continue to make Medigames history and making this 39 th
edition in Malta a wonderful week of sports, sharing and scientific exchanges.


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