The International Symposium on sports medicine, open to all participants is chaired by Dr. André Monroche and co-chaired by Ms. Liliane Laplaine-Monthéard, founder of WMHG.

The vice-chair is Professor Xavier Bigard, president of the French Society of Sports Medicine.

The Symposium is supported by:

  • International Federation of Sports Medicine
  • French Society of Sports Medicine and Exercise
  • Latin and Mediterranean Grouping of Sports Medicine
  • Association of Italian Doctors, Club Medici
  • Sports Medical Association of Greater Algiers


Audience at the conference hall.


  • Région PACA
  • CG13
  • La Provence
  • Marseille 2017
  • Marseille
  • ACMF
  • Club Medici
  • Quotidien